June 2014, "Big hand small hand, Longcheer philanthropy" Part 1

"big hand small hand, Longcheer philanthropy"
Longcheer Family Day -"The Journey of Love"
Yes! Reading can be fun! Love is deep in our heart!
Do you want to donate picture books made by you and your children to those poor children? Do you want your children to learn what is patience responsibility, 
rich and poor? Do you want to give your children a journey of the soul?
Longcheer Family Day -"The Journey of Love" is your best choice, welcome to join us!
Part 1: Longcheer Family Day
On June 21, Longcheer Family Day -"The Journey of Love" started. 18 families spent a happy afternoon. The plan and content center on “public welfare, stories and English”. There were English and Chinese reading games. Parents and their children had fun in the game, thoughts in the game, and memories in the thoughts.
This activity was jointly held by Longcheer, Hongmeiting, Zhipu Public Welfare.

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 After a short introduction came to the first stage of the activity: parents and children sang and played the picture books together. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? Although the books were in English, children learned to sing very soon. Their singing became louder and louder and sounded beautiful.Singing wasn’t all of the game, children got a hat with different colors and animal pictures. They sat in a circlet to play the squatting game. An animal was called at the beginning, the child who had that animal on his hat should keep squatting until the next child was called.This was an elimination game, everyone was excited, and the judge changed the rule because he didn’t want to eliminate any kid. Every kid got a magical stone. In the end, all the kids cut and folded a piece of paper and made it a book. The kids were surprised, “wow! This really looks like a book!”Every kid made themselves a picture book with colors well-matched. A kid even drew hieroglyphics on his book!

As the story went on, the host let the kid know what rich and poor is by asking questions. The kid also got to know the difference between the cartoon figures and themselves. Kids’unique ways of thinking brought parents laughter. The host handed out “habits”to the kids, and let them decide - what was “poor habits”and what was “rich habits”. He also asked the kids’ opinions on how to eliminate poverty. This activity may not be able to leave a deep impression on the kids for the moment. But in the years to come, parents may be able to discover the true meaning of love and happiness with their kids.

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 The last stage was rhythm sensing. It was to help kids feel the beauty of music, learn to cooperate and relax the parents and kids. First, the volunteers started the clapping game, and soon the kids learned to follow the command gestures, adjusting the speed and heaviness of the beat. The volunteers then asked the kids to clap their hands according to the rhythm of the board, and invited the kids to design rhythms. After the rhythm was on, each kid got a musical instrument and was divided into three parts. They played the snare drums, the sand hammers and the fish frogs. "toktoktok", "Sha shasha", "quack quack quack", the beat got faster and faster, and turned into happy glamour in the end.