June 2014, "The Journey of Love" visiting poor school children Part 2

At 9:00 on June 28, 19 Longcheer families, HongMeiTing and volunteers from Puzhi Public Welfare got on two buses. Nervous and excited, they came Pujiangzhen. Today the 19 families would separately visit 10 migrant families and visit Pudong aquarium at noon, spending a summer day with children. 

The 10 migrant families didn’t live close to each other, so the 19 families got off the bus at different places. The carefully prepared gifts for children. The first task in the morning was to look deeply into the migrant families, get to know them and their children. They worked hard for the construction of Shanghai. Before the visit, Puzhi public welfare prepared visiting manuals on which were matters that need attention. They did this to show their respect.

Some families lived in the village, the crops on the farmland caught children’s eyes. A mother pointed to the wheat and asked the children what it was. Some children said it was onion, some thought it was garlic sprout. There were soybeans, corns and sweet potato seedlings on the farm. The city children felt curious and interested. There were also a lot of puppies in the village, lying there, comfortably. A couple of them huddled together, looking especially cute.

The volunteers visited the migrant families, brought gifts and introduced each other. The children got along well very quickly, which was a warm-up of the afternoon activities. After a small talk, all of them got on the busand were ready for the trip to Pudong Aquarium.

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 Though it was a long journey, they finally reached the aquarium. In order to remember this day, all of them took pictures together. And then the parents took their children to the aquarium. Many people came there for the first time. a wide variety of marine animals including some very rare ones gave them a surprise. There were timid clownfish, huge whales, dazzling the eyes of the children.

The one hour and a half was fleeting, it was time to say good-bye. Carrying memories of the day, the children said good-bye to each other. What a good memory for the children!

For Longcheer employee, they may hold different opinions of the day. They may get an understanding of those who live far away from their hometowns, poor yet diligent; they may realize there are people that are poorer than them. No matter how they think and feel, if they ask the same question: what can I do for them? Then, this is a meaningful day.