April 17, 2012, Hope in Spring-“Loncheer CEIBS Scholarship” helping students study in CEIBS

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 On the morning of April 17, the donation ceremony for Longcheer Scholarship was held at CEIBS Shanghai Campus. "Longcheer Scholarship" is established to support the development of modern management personnel in CEIBS, reward outstanding CEIBS MBA students, strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and schools. According to the scholarship project, from 2013, the company will offer half-scholarships to 2 full-time CEIBS students every year and in five consecutive years, the total amount of the scholarship is about 200 million yuan. 

CEIBS held a solemn donation ceremony for the Longcheer Scholarship. Prof. Liu Ji, Honorary President of CEIBS and Chairman of CEIBS Foundation, delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of the College. Professor Liu Ji said he was pleased to see more and more alumni companies like Longcheer donate scholarships to CEIBS. This is a reflection of CEIBS alumni's gratitude to alma mater, and a reflection of CEIBS alumni's sense of social responsibility. Thanks to Longcheer, by providing scholarships, it gives hope to young people in the springand has set an example for other alumni.

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 (Dean Liu Ji gave thanks to the donations by alumni businesses)

Prof. Zhu Xiaoming, Dean of China Europe International Business School and Professor of Management Science of Zhongtian Group, accepted the donation on behalf of the college. Zhu Yuanzhang also specially prepared two lesson plans as a gift to the Longcheer. He hoped that the relevant knowledge could help Longcheer to expand further.


(Dean Zhu Xiaoming gave a gift to Longcheer Chairman Du Jun)


(Photos in the ceremony)

As a scholarship winner, CEIBS MBA2012 students, EU scholarship winner Xie Jing and all the participants shared their experiences. She sincerely told the story of how she got out of a mountainous area in Chongqing and grew up as a good student representative in China with the help of scholarships. Xie Jing wished with a passion that one day she could become one of the alumni and make contributions to her alma mater.

Prof. Chen Shimin, Deputy Dean of CEIBS and Director of MBA Program, on behalf of all employees of MBA curriculum sector, thanked Longcheer for the donations. Professor Chen believes that the success of alumni and gratitude to their alma mater are crucial to the development of the MBA curriculum sector and the overall competitiveness of CEIBS.

At the donation ceremony, Chairman Mr. Du Junhong (CEO2008 alumni) made donations on behalf of the Group. President and CEO Mr. Deng Hua (EMBA2006 alumni) made a donation speech.

At present, the company has five executives graduated from CEIBS EMBA, vice president and above at least received short-term training in CEIBS.