Employee Activities

October 30, 2016,we run in Chongming

Duang, it’s late fall already, in order to remember the last days of fall, Longcheer Runners Association will hold a marathon on Jiugu happy farm on October 30. Shanghai Marathon will be held the same day, we rock!

In order to make the game more professional, the leaders of the association put forward many good plans. Employees from Jiugu also support our activity. Let’s take a look at the invitation.

We are fully prepared: Itinerary, race circuit design, recruitment and distribution of volunteers, game supply (water, beverages, bananas, Snickers, drugs, etc.), logistics support. Everything is carefully planned. Now it’s the time.

Talk no more, picture time! 

On Oct. 30, at Donghejiugu happy farm, come a bunch of hot boys and girls.

Come, come, come, the best part, warm-up, bravo!

Ready to run! Ready to run! Ready to run! 3 times for anything important !

The Scenery along the road, haha! I can only say “comfortable”!

“you rock!”he was late for the game, yet he caught up, and got a good record...

Who’s the cutest person, follow me ----- volunteers!

Ah! I’m gonna sprint!

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 Result came out, t time, time, ime, me!

Sh! Whisper:

Every competitor can get a pack of Donghejiugu rice, fresh rice!

Top 3 can get extra rice!

What’s more exciting, the four champions will get sponsored by BOSS ---to stay one night at the five-star hotel,Donghejiugu!

Let’s take a picture together ENDING

Thanks to BOSS, Donghejiugu, runners association and Longcheer volunteer group, we had a good time. 

I’m expecting the next year of marathon already...