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“Light the mind, fly to the future”Longcheer family day “the journey of love”

Do you remember the wishes of your childhood? Do you still want to fly in the sky? Do you remember paper planes of your childhood? 

Be with kids, be with poor families, pick up your childhood, protect the environment, learn to be responsible, grow up in the games.
2015, Longcheer family day, let’s run....

Part 1: Longcheer family day
July 4, 20 families spent a happy Saturday together. The activity centered on the protection of birds and the reading of picture books. From the features of birds to the features of airplanes, kids learned the mechanics and principles of airplanes. Kids from Longcheer families together with kids from poor families got to know the features of both planes and birds.
This activity is held by Longcheer, Hongmeiting and Puzhi Public welfare.
After short introductions of each other in the classroom, the families began the activity of the day. First, the teacher from Puzhi taught us the habitats and habits of birds. Because of the expansion of human beings, many birds are about to be extinct. The teacher designed a game for kids to experience the bad living conditions of birds.

Look, the kids were having fun. In the game, they experienced the hard living conditions for birds, and learned to help each other. This was an elimination game, but the teacher didn’t want any kid out, so everyone got a Puzhi medal in the end.

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 This activity showed the kids airplane modals in order to make them learn more about planes. Everyone was excited when they got the modals. Parents and kids followed the instructions, making modals together. A few minutes later, kids flied their modals, the classroom was filed of lines of love. 

The teacher told the story of love, and went back to environmental protection, hoping there could be more space for birds to fly. And that was the end of the activity.

Part 2: “the journey of love”trip to the aerospace museum
苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 Because of the typhoon, the activity was delayed to July 19, after the previous activity, the families were not strangers anymore, they were hospitable. 18 families from Longcheer and Hongmei, with great expectations, got on the bus and traveled all the way to the aerospace museum.

On the bus, we prepare snacks and gifts for them, kids were super excited. They shared food and recalled the last time memories. Some of them planned the activity together. Soon the bus reached the destination.

After getting off the bus, they saw tens of airplanes, how magnificent! Under the guidance of the staff members, members of the 18 families had a deeper understanding of the history of the airplane. They experienced stimulation plane cabin, acted as a pilot. Kids were attracted by the space culture. Some of them were determined to astronauts. After the morning activity, they had lunch. After the lunch, they began to make helicopters. Like last time, this was a family activity, parents and kid work together happily. The activity ended successfully.

Happy time is always fleeting, the family members would miss each other. Longcheer families and poor families shared the same blue sky. In the games, everyone shared the same happiness. Seeing airplanes flying to the sky, kids stood hand-in-hand. Some looked at each other, some chased each other. Dreams are everywhere, no matter rich or poor.