Employee Activities

Summer for Longcheer

苍井空在线AV高清视频免费看 On July 16, Longcheer together with Youdewan Public Sports held “Longcheer family day”. Kids grow and parents bond with their kid in the hot summer day. Coaches and volunteers from Youdewan Public Sport work hard in the activity, realizing the value and conception of Youdewan. -- the morning has gone, but memories have stayed, forever. Let’s look at the pictures, look back on the Longcheer moments!

Volunteers and coaches engage in preparation 

Volunteers and coaches from Youdewan came to the site very early. They cleaned and set up the site, rehearsed the activity. To ensure a successful a performance, they carefully adjust and tried every game to avoid possible accidents. The success of this activity owes to their hard work.

Parents and kid, sign up

Yellow, pink, orange...kids and parents got into 3 groups, and every group has 10 families. They wear wristbands of different colors. Every group is like a big new family. Kids get to know each other and play games for an hour. During the game, they may be friends or opponents. But it doesn’t matter, this is going to be a long lasting memory for them.


Vigorous cheerleader dance

When the music was on, coaches of Youdewan taught participants to dance to the beat. This is a warm-up excise adapted from that of professional athletes. Parents took some time to relax and dance well. But kids soon got used to the dance and felt very happy. After the dance, what else would happen between kids, parents and volunteers?

Play around the summer holiday, it’s time for games!

After the vigorous dance, under the guidance of coaches, parents and kids played games together for an hour. Ready! Go! Everyone followed the rules, sprinting, running, jumping. Come on! Come on! Everyone encouraged each other. Parents and kids had a good time. Despite the hot summer day, everybody was excited, enjoying sports and playing around the summer holiday~!




Coaches from Youdewan gave parents and kids professional sporting advice, encouraging them to run boldly, telling them to follow the rules. After the game, no matter what the result is, we should give high-fives to teammates.

In the pulling flag game, we found the kids were very brave, they were hardworking, which made us feel proud.


We are often busy working and forget that company of parents is important for kids.

We are not eloquent, in fact, a simple hug or a clap could be a big encouragement for kids.

We have a humble wish: our kids can grow up healthy.

In the game, our parents were also happy. They jumped, sprinted, and played football with their kids. Although it was tiring and they were sweating, they wore true happiness on their face. After the heavy work on the weekday, a simple game could increase relationship between parents and child and make parents vigorous.


This activity aims to cultivate the team spirit of the kids. It is different from doing sports at home, and team spirit is very important for kids.



They hugged together, nervous at first, but they began to encourage each other, clap. This morning seems pretty meaningful. We hope after this morning, parents can spend more time with their kids, never miss the important moments of kids’growth.We also wish all the kids in the activity a healthy future. 

The morning has gone, but memories have stayed, forever. Let’s look at the pictures, look back on the Longcheer moments!


Let’s meet on next year’s Longcheer family day!