Good News: Longcheer won ‘2017 Lenovo Guardians of Quality Award’

2017 Lenovo Supplier Quality Forum was held with the theme of ‘promoting transformation and pursuing excellence’ in Chengdu on 7th September.The senior management of Lenovo and hundreds of top suppliers attended the forum. Lenovo shared its strategies in the field of PC business, MBG mobile service and DCG digital business with other suppliers. Issues such as how Lenovo cooperates with other supplier through innovation, promotes business transformation and reform as well as commands the future and develops new business model were discussed at the meeting. As a reliable long-term partner of Lenovo, Longcheer was invited to the grand ceremony and won ‘2017 Lenovo Guardians of Quality Award’. 

Longcheer has been speaking highly of its whole service, thus winning Lenovo’s biggest awards in recent years. It is also the only ODM to achieve the honor awarded by Lenovo. It is not only the recognition for our achievements but the fruits of our team’s hard work and cooperation.

Let’s make persistent efforts to create a better achievement